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Slaapmunterij, de NFT vervalst

Ook wel weer grappig, de hele NFT hype op de schopstoel middels sleepminting. Vervalsen voor gevorden.

“[..] Personne may have found a way to dynamite this argument for much of the art NFT market. Sleepminting enables him to mint NFTs for, and to, the crypto wallets of other artists, then transfer ownership back to himself without their consent or knowing participation. Nevertheless, each of these transactions appears as legitimate on the blockchain record as if the unwitting artist had initiated them on their own, opening up the prospect of sophisticated fraud on a mass scale. […]

To prove his point, on April 4, Personne sleepminted a supposed “second edition” of Beeple’s record-smashing Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, […]

the sleepminted Beeple really is minted in Beeple’s wallet, it really is transferred elsewhere afterward [..]”